(Via Sarah) Let it go! What unfinished projects are on your to-do list for 2015? Are you going to finish them before 2015 ends, punt them to 2016, or just let them go?

We bought our apartment a year ago, and promptly undertook all the renovations that did not require permits. Those were completed within ten days. I then contacted the required people (my architect; the building’s architect; my contractor; the condo board; etc.) to complete the rest of the renovations (they are minor – it is a question of moving a washer/dryer and installing some additional plumbing).

That was in February.

Ten months and thousands of dollars later, I am no closer to having the bathroom renovation completed. I also still live in an apartment with no drawers.

I am frustrated.

Have you ever had to deal with the New York City Department of Buildings? I used to joke that it was run by the mob, but the longer I deal with them, I am not so sure that I am joking. Have you ever had to deal with a condo board? That is a separate, horrible fiefdom that I am struggling to navigate – wherein the lord of the manor, in this case, happens to be a dentist. I’m not an anti-dentite, per se, but there seems to be a certain kind of personality drawn to the dental arts. Unfortunately for me, those types also seem to be drawn to condo board presidencies.

I envy people whose to-do lists are entirely within their control. Oh, you read Marie Kondo’s book and your unfinished project is to Kon-Mari your closets? That’s nice. Gee, you want to make sure you implement a daily gym routine and stick to it? Get on that! Wow, your to-do for 2015 was to buy a house, get married, settle down, and have a baby? Better get busy in these last few weeks of the year, sport.

I am at the mercy of the most inefficient bureaucracy known to mankind, and a bloody dentist. I look forward to using my renovated bathroom some time in 2037.

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