Reverb: Welcome to the Journey

For the past few years during the month of December, I’ve participated in a daily, prompt-driven writing project called #reverb.  In 2011, Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and I began writing our own prompts for others to use during the month of December.  (No, the irony of the author of Daily Angst, and Sunny Side Up collaborating on a project is not lost on us…)

Reverb is a 31 day writing exercise — originally developed by writer/blogger Gwen Bell and friends — with the aim of using writing prompts to reflect on the closing year and manifest the year ahead.  The project was discontinued by Gwen in 2011, but others like Sarah and I have grabbed the baton and carried on, crafting our own #reverb to share with fellow writers.

For the entire month of December, Sarah and I, along with our friend Kat at Tenaciously Yours, will share writing prompts to help get you thinking and writing, and hopefully inspire you to reflect on this past year, and prepare for the next.

The basic instructions for participation in #reverb12 are:



I will also tell you that you, gentle reader, are the captain of your own ship(wreck).  This is YOUR #reverb.  While we have written prompts to share with you (which we will deliver one-by-one each day in December, and leave up year ’round) — if you don’t like one, skip it.  Draft your own.

But do write.  Writing’s the thing.

If you are even the least bit interested in #reverb, do it. You won’t regret it, and it’s never too late to join in — even if you decide to come back to this page some other time later in the year.  And if you miss one post one day, you can double-back. As Sarah noted last year:  this isn’t a school assignment. This is FOR YOU.

So please, join us.  And make sure to follow us on Twitter:  @dailyangst, @kljwm, and @sarah_rosemary

Happy #reverb-ing!


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